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About Us

The College of Saddle Fitting is proud to provide a top-tier training programme which is aimed at producing Saddle Fitters who are qualified to the highest standards.

Our tutors and guest lecturers are experts in their field, using a holistic approach the team ensure that all the students have an exceptional and enjoyable learning experience. 

Developing a unique curriculum that enables students to become experts in the field of Saddle Fitting, the courses cover topics that may not be immediately apparent at having an effect. We look at the horse, rider, tack, and environment, delving a little deeper for a more thorough understanding.


Mission &

Core Values

The College of Saddle Fitting (COSF) was established with a single purpose: to promote equine welfare through the education

and training of Saddle Fitters.


We are passionate about our mission and take pride in giving you outstanding Saddle Fitter training courses developing the next generation of elite Saddle Fitters.


The COSF curriculum is constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest advances in saddle technology and methodology.

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Online Learning,

Theory & Practical Training

Our courses cover all aspects of Saddle Fitting and provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to become an expert in the field.


It is important to note that this is not simply a course on how to fit a saddle; it is a comprehensive programme that covers all aspects.

The curriculum is designed to develop your ability to think critically about all facets of Saddle Fitting. This is an important distinction as it encourages you to apply your knowledge and skills in a variety of different settings. These include working with clients, their horses, conducting research and educating others on the importance of proper saddle fit and how it can impact a horse’s health, performance, and wellbeing. 

The programmes created are entirely unique, and the experts training you are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of countless horses and their owners.

More than 6 million students are currently in online courses as part of their education programme

A well-rounded education that covers both online and on-site learning. You receive a mix of theoretical and practical training, which gives you the skills you need to succeed in the real world.

Online and Onsite learning

The online learning modules are convenient and flexible, allowing you the Student to study at your own pace before the on site learning programme. The on site theory is important to learn the basics while the practical allows you to get real life experience.

Online learning modules

Do keep in mind the online learning modules must be completed before you attend the on site course.


Meet Rachael Sivyer


Rachael’s work at the stables of Olympic rider David Broome started an almost 40 year career that took her involvement with the horse to many levels. She is an accomplished rider, trainer and horsewoman with a passion for the treatment and rehabilitation of horses suffering from physical and psychological trauma and poor performance.

Working within Veterinary practice specialising in diagnostics, and seeing first hand horses' injuries and their need for care and rehabilitation, led Rachael to train and qualify as a Veterinary Physiotherapist. After several years, Rachael was invited by her old college to train veterinary physiotherapy students in the practical aspects of the subject.


After working as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, Rachael saw the effects of ill fitting saddles, from back problems, altered biomechanics, poor performance and injury. It was a natural progression to train and qualify as a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC).


Rachael is equipped with the ability and knowledge to fit and adjust saddles to a high standard, solving saddle related problems that traditional saddlery doesn't often address. 


Working for several years in these fields and seeing the positive results that this combination of disciplines has achieved made Rachael want to share her knowledge and experience with others, to help educate, for the welfare and wellbeing of the horse. Rachael spends her spare time with her rescued horses and dog.

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